Digital Custom T Shirt Printing on White Or perhaps Light Color T-Shirts

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Digital Custom T Shirt Printing refers to the process of printing your graphic/photo/text or perhaps any design type onto a T Shirt using either an inkjet or perhaps a color laser printer. You will find a couple of ways to achieve this the way we’re going to focus on printing with Custom T Shirts transfers.

This method begins by using T Shirt transfer paper. This’s a unique, coated paper which is created to be printed on after which pressed onto the T Shirt. There are basically 2 kinds of this paper; one for using on gray and light colored clothing and another designed for dark color shirts.

This’s the same process in which you are able to buy T Shirt transfer paper at places as Wal Mart and staples, then press it onto the T Shirt yourself. The difference is, good T Shirt printers use commercial grade transfer paper and use the transfers to the T Shirts with a commercial heat press. This combination as well as the expertise of the T Shirt printer gives a superb looking and durable T Shirt.

There are many advantages and a number of disadvantages to digital custom T Shirt printing using transfers.

The very first advantage is the fact that in case you need one unique or just a couple of T Shirts then this strategy is ideal. You print just what you need. Many T Shirt printing processes as screen printing require a minimum number of shirts.

The second benefit is the fact that you are able to have full color printing. Because your design is printed with a color laser or even an inkjet printer you’re in a position to have so many colors as you like. This enables pictures or photos with gradient fills (blending from one shade or color to a different color or perhaps shade) to be easily used.

Third. There’s no setup involved. Unlike screen printing there’s no additional preparation needed in the printing of digital T Shirt transfers. You simply make the image of yours the size you need on the T Shirt. You then “mirror” or perhaps “flip” your print job so that when it’s printed onto the T Shirt it is going to be correct. Then press and print.